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24 August 2009 @ 12:32 am
I'm still alive.

Just doing myspace more so, and such

Talk to you later


almost made it a year lol
I feel like...: coldcold
13 September 2008 @ 03:08 pm
Hey there livejournal community.

I've been stolen by myspace >.<



Well, plenty of things are new but I really dont feel like talking about them...

I really hate myself.. so

maybe I'll go curl up in a corner and just sleep a while.

It might help me forget...
26 January 2008 @ 01:30 am
hehehe try it

YAY Neopets :P

10 January 2008 @ 04:45 pm
HEY! You guys should like try this!

Okay, it's a website that's kind of a vocab game, and for every question you answer right the website will donate 20 grams of rice to help end world hunger!!


I'm working on ending that "End world Hunger" wish I made a few years back lol

But seriosuly Try it out!!

It's www.freerice.com

Try it! Donate for the cost of ZERO! hehe

Yeah, I'm cheap too,
I'm listening to...: "A whole new World" (Yeah, Aroura's watching Alladin)
Okay I guess it's time for an update.

Z has decided to stay in DL while I'm in Fargo... By myself! (Well, Nick and Kacy are here so yeah, I getta visits them for a while. I'm thinking about maybe babysitting for them for a coupla hours and letting Nick and Kacy have a "date" X3 I think it would be fun!)

Z got his job!! He started today! He works at Marketplace Ford as a mechanic, so yeah! I'm so proud of him!! *Wants to glomp*

I dunno much on Aroura, I thought maybe she was getting Pink Eye the last time I gotta see her, but, I'm not sure. The guys say she's doing better so yeah. Maybe it was just a cold in her eye?

She has a Dr. Appt on Thurs. So, I'll be in town Wed. Night, off to GF on Thurs. and Back in Fargo Friday. fun fun ><


My Baby Boy Zobias, a.k.a Zoby is doing AWESOME!! XD

He's starting to eat with a bottle, otherwise known as "Nippling", so yeah. It's progress. He actually ate an entire ounce by himself today!! w00t! But not while I was up there. We had to use the tube in his nose for that one. o.O Can you believe that he's already 3 weeks old?! XD The nurse finally told me what the conditions are for when he comes home so I'm pretty excited! XDXD


As for myself, I'm bored, but busy all at the same time. The days runs together, and I don't even remember what the date is today, the 10th? Maybe? o.O
I've started scrapbooking, and I love it!! lol I need pics though to do pages on o.O

Well, I'll talk to you all oater! That's my update!! XD
Hello everyone.

I had to devliver Zoby two months early, Emergency c-section... Details later if you want them.

I'm in Fargo, because Zoby is in the Neonatal Inetnsive Care Unit (NICU) here. It's not too bad, I'm inda homesick, but I need to be with my baby. Z and Aroura are here too. We're staying at a Ronald McDonald House, so next time you go to McDs, Donate! It's actually really nice here, but internets is limited.

Well, Talk to ya later. Gimme a call?


12 November 2007 @ 09:21 pm
Please, do me a favor...

Take a look at this site, and tell me how many pictures you see that are people you know... And look more into this.

None of it is violation of Privacy, the idiots all posted these pictures on their Bebo Sites.


Please take a look, Seriously..

It's really freaking scary, and it's worse to know that these are ALL people from "Spirit Lake". our resevation only a few miles away.

Hell, and I'm sure there are pics like this done in our own damn backyards.
I feel like...: nerdy...
09 November 2007 @ 11:10 pm

I was gonna update, but I'm really tired..

Nuh nigh

*Dozes off to Dream Land, whispering, "5 days and a wakeup"...*
06 November 2007 @ 10:10 pm
Wow, you know I'm getting lonely when you see me looking up NaruHina fancrap ><

9 more days XD I can't wait!!

hehe, must stay busy to help the days go by faster ^_^

Monday was such a pain, though Saru helped... a LOT!! ~_~
Well, I'ma go and neopets for a while..

OMG! I randomly found a map piece and auctioned it off for over 50k XD

I'm such a Neofreak lately :p

Well, I'm off